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Top Domains & Search Engine Optimization Tips

It all starts with an amazing domain name....

When selecting a domain for your future business keep in mind the location of the business and the nature of your activities.

Ranking high in Google or other search engines is vital to Your business’s success! When searching online,people trust the top results either because of the lack time or instinctively.

Search ranking is influenced by 2 categories of indicators:

1. off-page: related sites that are willing to link to your content. Your positive or negative image directly affects how your content is displayed by Google.

2. on-page On-page optimization is much easier to control when it comes to how content is structured on your web.

Here are some tips to improve Your Google SEO results:

1. Take a user-oriented approach. How? Solve the searcher’s query better than anyone else. This means speed, content quality, thoroughness of information, layout, etc.

2. Empathize Your audience and describe the problem the searcher’s trying to solve the same way they do, using the language and keywords of the searchers.

3. The keyword that you are trying to rank should be on the page at least 3 times, but do not overdo.

4. Efficient organization of the page content is one of the best ways to help your pages rank higher in search results.

5. Make your site fast. Nobody ever wishes a website loaded slow.

6. Have original title tags that are not over-optimized. Accurately describe what a page is about .

7. Getting an SSL certificate gives users a sense of comfort, which encourages them to explore more of your site.

8. Optimize your titles and headings:Well written and optimized titles can increase click rates in search results pages.

9. Target a single keyword or keyword phrase per page. When people search online, they’re often looking for a very information and the page must be only about that topic

10. Mobile friendliness: your future site must look great and work smoothly on a mobile device. It’s also a Google ranking factor.

11. Know your customer. Test with Google AdWords to see if a keyword converts for You. Knowing your customer can open up what you are after!

12. Mark up your content with the correct and most feasible Structured Data.

13. Keep things Natural since You want your efforts to look natural and you never want to force SEO.

These are simple SEO tips that any entrepreneur can use when creating the website.

Always remember to ask yourself: How is this information helpful?

Hope you found this helpful.

Thank you for your time and hope this helps in your future endeavors!

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