Can I Change My Host And Keep My Domain Name?

Switching web hosts has to be done carefully.

If your old host used cPanel, we may be able to transfer emails as well.

After you have all your files on both hosting accounts, it is time to change your domain name’s DNS.

Your new host will provide you with the correct name servers (DNS).

Can I move my domain name to a different host?

You can always leave your domain name with your current registrar or host if you wish to do so, and simply change the domain’s nameservers to point to your NEW host’s server. Now, for those of you who DO wish to transfer your domain name away from your current registrar/host.

Can I renew my domain name with a different registrar?

1 Answer. You can indeed renew a .com domain (and many others) through another registrar – it’s basically just a normal transfer process.

Does changing hosting affect SEO?

Hosting and SEO

The short answer to this question is: “Yes.” Like domain name changes, your SEO performance can be negatively impacted by moving to a new web host. While many people are convinced that hosting changes have minimal effect on SEO, here are a few ways in which these changes can occur.