Can I Delete AAAA Record?

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Is AAAA record necessary?

AAAA Records are like A records but for IPv6 IP addresses instead of IPv4. Note: If you wish to setup a DNS record with, it’s important to note you need to use our nameservers – so manage and host your DNS.

What is AAAA record?

An AAAA record maps a domain name to the IP address (Version 6) of the computer hosting the domain. An AAAA record is used to find the IP address of a computer connected to the internet from a name. For example, all the DNSimple name servers are assigned to an IPv6 address and can be queried via either IPv4 or IPv6.

What has no AAAA or MX DNS records?

550 Sender has no A, AAAA, or MX DNS records. At the recipient, sometimes (though there is no actual standard or rule which says this should be done!), there is a DNS check to see if the sending domain is at the same URL as the domain from which the mail originated.

How do I add a AAAA record to DNS?

Create an AAAA record on your domain

  • Log into the control panel.
  • Click DNS settings on the Advanced settings tile.
  • Go to DNS records.
  • Under create new record, click AAAA.
  • Enter the following details: – Hostname: leave it empty to point the domain, or enter a subdomain.
  • Click Create record to save your settings.