Can I Transfer A Domain Name From One Registrar To Another?

It is your right to transfer your domain name registration between registrars.

If you wish to move your domain name from one ICANN -accredited registrar to another, you may initiate the transfer process by contacting the registrar to which you wish to transfer the name.

How do I transfer a domain from one registrar to another?

The Domain Name Transfer Process

  • Step 1: At your current registrar, unlock your domain name.
  • Step 2: Purchase a transfer with the registrar where you would like to move your domain name.
  • Step 3: You will next receive an email from your new registrar with an authorization code.

How do I renew my domain name with a different registrar?

Here are a few quick steps for transferring a domain from one registrar to another:

  1. Unlock your domain at your current registrar.
  2. Get the EPP code (domain authorization code).
  3. On the new registrar, look for the domain transfer option, add domain and EPP code, and initiate the domain transfer.

How do you change ownership of a domain name?

To change the ownership of a domain, the current registrant can log in to the Manage Web Interface and enter the new owner’s information in the Manage Profile section. Many ccTLDs, such as . BE and . FR, allow you to change ownership through the Domains section of the Control Panel.

How do I change my domain registrar?



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