Quick Answer: Can I Use More Than One Voucher On Lazada?

Customers can use multiple vouchers.

One from the seller and one Lazada voucher.

Only that two different vouchers can be used simultaneously.

How can I use voucher in lazada?

At Lazada Philippines’ checkout, below the total amount you have to pay, there will be a button where it says “Apply Code”. Click on it, and then paste or type in the voucher code you received earlier. Then click on “Apply”.

What is collectible voucher in lazada?

Collectable Vouchers are Vouchers that can be collected from either the ‘Voucher’ page, Product page or from the Seller’s Store. Collectible Vouchers from multiple Sellers can be applied in an order. Note: Vouchers are subject to different Terms & Conditions depending on the type of Voucher you use on Lazada.

How can I remove voucher from lazada?

Step 1: At the Checkout page, scroll down to the Vouchers section under Subtotal. The discounts applied to your order will be listed. Step 2: Click on Lazada/Seller vouchers and choose the voucher you want to apply in your order, or remove the voucher from your order. Then, click CONFIRM.

How do lazada vouchers work?

How does the digital voucher work on Lazada? You select and purchase the amount and the voucher you like. The voucher with the corresponding amount and details will be sent by the merchant. You can purchase up to a maximum of five (5) vouchers.

Where is the voucher code in lazada?

Can I see it under my account? You will be able to see the digital voucher you purchased in your email inbox and/or mobile phone and not in your Lazada account. If you did not receive it in your inbox and/or your mobile phone, please retrieve your order number, and contact our customer service for further assistance.

What is enter voucher code?

Voucher code is a discount given by Shopee that you can use to save more when you purchase. You can redeem it at checkout by entering the code in the voucher code box on your shopping cart page.