Question: Can You See Who Visits Your Wedding Website?

Hover over ‘Planning Tools’ and click ‘Wedding Website’ Click on the ‘Activity’ tab.

You can view the guests who have visited your website under ‘Number of Visits’

Can you see who viewed your wedding website?

When you sign in to edit your website (where you have the list of the different pages), it’s up in the very top right hand corner. It says “000 guests have viewed your website” and underneath that it tells you how many guests have signed your guestbook.

Can you see who visits your website?

In order to see who has visited your website, you need to use an analytic software and the most popular is Google Analytics. If you are logged in Google, you will be redirected to Google Analytics for your account. You will have to add your website in Google Analytics, and a short piece of code will be provided.

Can businesses see who views their website?

But is it possible to identify individual visitors to your website so you can reach out to them? In a word, no. Google Analytics, which collects and analyses your web data, can do a lot of nifty things—it can even tell you where users abandon their shopping carts—but it can’t identify a particular individual user.