Does Domain Name Include Www?

Is www part of domain name?

WWW is not part of a domain name

The www is not part of your domain name. It is a web server configuration setting that some servers use and some do not. By default a web server will show your website at both and

Should I use WWW in my domain name?

You can use “” as your canonical host name, but everywhere else, you can just use the bare domain. It will redirect the users to the correct place anyways. But there are important matters that says you should use the full hostname with the www: Perfomance-wise, security-wise and in terms of flexibility.

How domain names are structured?

The Structure of a Domain Name

Every domain consists of at least two parts: the actual domain name and the TLD or Top Level Domain. In our example, “. ME” is the TLD of Montenegro and the “domain” part is a domain name or domain label we chose for our site.

What is the WWW in a URL?

Simply put, HTTP is the protocol that enables communication online, transferring data from one machine to another. WWW is the set of linked hypertext documents that can be viewed on web browsers (such as Firefox, Google Chrome, and more). A major similarity, though, is that both HTTP and WWW are used in website URLs.