Question: How Can I Get A Free LifeTime Domain?

A LifeTime Free Domain is a free domain name registration which is available with the purchase of the following hosting packages:

  • Business (1 or 2 years)
  • Mocha (1 or 2 years)
  • All Reseller Hosting packages (1 or 2 years)
  • Cloud: Barista, Barahona, Matari, Moshi (1 or 2 years)

How can I get a free lifetime domain name?

To get a domain free for lifetime, start by selecting the respective hosting package that offers the free domain and simply enter the domain you desire. If the domain is available, you can register it for lifetime free. If you want to transfer the existing domain, you can transfer it for lifetime free.

Can I buy domain for lifetime?

To make a “lifetime” deal, like register a domain name, doesn’t refer to your life, but the lifetime of the business you’re buying from. In this case, “lifetime” means for however long that domain registrar is operating. So, if they stay in business for 50 years, you’d have a domain for the next 50 years.

Where can I get a free domain?

Free Domain Name Providers

Free Domain Name ProviderBest for
SquarespaceCompanies the need a free domain for an easy-to-design professional website
DreamhostBusinesses that need a free domain with a simple drag-and-drop website builder
WeeblyCompanies that need a completely free subdomain and low-tech website builder

3 more rows

How can I get a free .net domain?

To buy the . NET domain name for free, visit the Free . NET Domain offer page and proceed to search your domain name. At checkout, you have to apply the coupon code “FREENET” to get the 100% discount on your .