Question: How Can I See Who Viewed My Blog?

redmicasupra said: On the Blogger stats, you can only see how many people have viewed each page, are from certain countries, and so on.

If you sign up with Google Analytics, you can sort by city, which gives you a lot more information on who is doing what on your blog.

How do I know who visits my blog?

Use Google Analytics for tracking visitors on your website or blog. If you wanna track visitors for a particular URL and see how it’s performing, then you can also use Google URL Shortener . Google Analytics and google webmaster tool (search console) is the best option for tracking the visitors, who come to your site .

Can someone see if I read their blog?

If you want an ID down to the exact person, then no. Your blog stats should show various things like geographical areas, clicks, referring sites, maybe operating system, and that sort of ‘generalised’ stuff. Depending on what’s available in your setup, you might get a list of visitors based on IP addresses.

Can I see who viewed my WordPress blog?

The best way to find out who viewed your WordPress blog is to install Google Analytics. It is a completely free tool from Google that will help you analyze your blog’s traffic and how your visitors interact with your content.

Can I see who viewed my Google profile?

“When you look at your profile, you can see your total number of views. That means you can tell how many times your content has been seen by other people, including your photos, posts, and profile page. When you look at someone else’s profile or page, you can also see their total number of views.