Question: How Do I Add A Hit Counter To My GoDaddy Website?

How do I add a hit counter to my website?



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How do I see hits on my website GoDaddy?

Our hosting accounts let you view statistics about your website’s traffic.

  • Click Web Hosting.
  • Next to the hosting account you want to use, click Manage.
  • Click Plesk Admin.
  • At the bottom of the section of the domain hosting you want to use, click Show More.
  • Click Web Statistics.

Does GoDaddy have analytics?

Google Analytics

GoDaddy Website Builder has you covered. If you already have a site on GoDaddy’s Website Builder, you can easily add Google Analytics.

What is hit counter in website?

A web counter or hit counter is a computer software program that indicates the number of visitors, or hits, a particular webpage has received. Once set up, these counters will be incremented by one every time the web page is accessed in a web browser.

How can I track website traffic?

Basic tips to gather and analyze website traffic

  1. Use Google Analytics. It’s the gold standard for website traffic monitoring.
  2. Filter out your own traffic.
  3. Filter out “bad referer” traffic like that from and
  4. Google Analytics collects a ton of information.