How Do I Edit My GoDaddy Website Without A Website Builder?

How do I edit my Go Daddy website?

To Edit Website Content Using the File Manager

  • Log in to your Account Manager.
  • Click Web Hosting.
  • Next to the hosting account you want to use, click Manage.
  • From the Files & FTP section, click File Manager.
  • Click the name of the file you want to edit.
  • Modify your file’s content in the editing window.
  • Click Save.

Do I have to use GoDaddy website builder?

Re: Can I build my website using only HTML without website builder? Yes. While GoDaddy offers various hosting solutions, you do not have to purchase these hosting solutions to use GoDaddy as a registrar (e.g. purchase/buy your domain name).

How do I make changes to an existing website?



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How can I edit my website for free?

How to edit your website and save the changes

  1. Log in to PageCloud.
  2. Go to the page on your website you want to modify.
  3. Click on the ‘edit page’ symbol in the bottom right hand corner.
  4. Once the editor is loaded, follow these steps.
  5. Hit save in the editor or use the shortcut: (“CMD + S” on Mac or “CTRL + S” on PC).

Can I edit my GoDaddy website after publishing?

You can definitely edit the site after publishing. Any updates you make will not be visible online until you re-publish the site. See: for help using the Website Builder.

How do I edit my mobile site on GoDaddy?

To Customize Mobile Websites

  • Log in to your Website Builder account.
  • Click Design Your Pages.
  • Click Mobile.
  • To change the layout and colors, click Select Layout, and then select the options you want to use.
  • To edit your mobile site, click Edit Site, and then select one of the following: