Quick Answer: How Do I Edit My Wix Website?

How do I edit an existing Wix website?

You can edit your site at any time using the Wix Editor.

To edit your site:

  • Open your site’s dashboard.
  • Click Manage Site.
  • Click Edit Site.

How do I edit my Wix website on my phone?

Editing Your Site from wix.com on Your Mobile Phone

  1. Go to www.wix.com on your mobile phone.
  2. Log in using your Wix account details.
  3. Tap Edit Site. To edit a different site in your account, tap the menu icon followed by Switch Site.

How do I make changes to my website?



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How do I change my Wix website code?



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Why can’t I edit my Wix site?

Unable to Open the Wix Editor. If you are unable to open the Editor, usually this is due to a local issue which can be resolved by following a few troubleshooting steps. Click here to resolve the issue.

Can you edit your Wix website after publishing?

You can edit your site at any time, even after you have published it! This allows you to make changes to your site any time you want and then publish the new changes. To re-publish your site, simply make the changes and click Publish again on the top bar. You will see your changes instantly on your live site.

Can you edit on Wix App?

Currently, it is not possible to edit a site, created in the Editor, on the Wix Mobile App. However, you can edit an ADI site on the Wix Mobile App.

How do I edit a website on my phone?



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How can we create a website?

Table of contents (steps to launch a website):

  • Choose a domain name.
  • Register a domain and sign up with web hosting.
  • Set up a website using WordPress (through web host)
  • Customize your website design and structure.
  • Add important pages and content.
  • Set up a navigation menu.
  • Add an online store (optional)