Question: How Do I Register A DNS Server?

How do I register my DNS server?



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How to register a DNS connection in Microsoft Windows Server 2012


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What is a DNS registration?

DNS Registration. DNS registration is a service, which allows the owner of a domain name to use his own name servers, which can match the domain name in question.

How do I create a nameserver?

Create the Nameservers as A Records

  • Log into your cPanel for the domain you want to edit.
  • Write down your server IP address since you will use it later.
  • Under Domains select Advanced Zone Editor.
  • Create new A records for your nameservers. Field name. Example. Name. Enter the nameserver information, TTL.

Why run your own DNS?

Even if you aren’t running AD there’s still plenty of good reasons to host your own internally facing DNS servers: Fast lookups due to local cache. Ability to integrate with DHCP, so local devices with dynamically-assigned addresses can still be referred to via hostname.