Question: How Do I Stop Spam Emails GoDaddy?

To Set Up Spam Filters

  • Log in to Workspace Webmail.
  • From the Settings menu, select Spam Settings.
  • From the Spam filtering section, select one of the following: Turn off filtering — No action applies to suspected spam.
  • From the When I mark messages as spam section, select one of the following actions:
  • Click OK.

Where is spam folder in GoDaddy?

By default, the GoDaddy Webmail Spam folder is accessible from the “Bulk Mail” link on the left side navigation. Spam filtering options are addressed in the next step.

Is GoDaddy email secure?

To encrypt your emails while they’re at rest, GoDaddy has partnered with Proofpoint to provide an email encryption product called Advanced Email Security. Your email is protected no matter what email client you use, including all Microsoft supported Outlook versions.

How do you use spam filters?



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How do I whitelist in GoDaddy?

Website Security – IP Access Control

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Under Website Security and Backups, next to the Website Security account you want to manage, click Manage.
  3. In the menu bar, select Firewall.
  4. Enter the IP address you wish to whitelist/blacklist and choose the corresponding option.