Question: How Do I Transfer Away From GoDaddy?

How to transfer my domain away from GoDaddy?

  • Log into your GoDaddy account.
  • Click My Account.
  • Next to Domains, click Launch.
  • Place a check mark in the box next to the domain you wish to transfer.
  • Along the top of the screen, click Contact > Contact Information.
  • When the new window pops up, review and/or update the contact information for accuracy and click OK.

How long does it take to transfer a domain from one GoDaddy account to another?

You just want to use your domain for a website you want to build with another host. You don’t need to transfer your domain. You just need to check the DNS (Domain Name Server) the other host uses, go into your GoDaddy account and change your DNS to point to that host. The change takes effect in about 24 hours max.

How much does it cost to transfer domain from GoDaddy?

It would be $7.99 for the transfer fee plus $0.18 for the ICANN fee, and your domain would then expire in 2020 once it was in your GoDaddy account. If it was a . net, it would be $11.17 ($10.99 + $0.18), if it was a . org, it would be $12.17 ($11.99 + $0.18), and so on.

Can I move my domain name from GoDaddy?

Transfer my domain away from GoDaddy. If you don’t want your domain name registered with GoDaddy, you can transfer it away to another registrar. You’ll start the process with GoDaddy, and complete it with your new registrar.

How do I unlock a domain transfer on GoDaddy?

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