How Do You Use Dot TK?

Is Dot TK legit?

Dot.TK is a Scam

Many individuals who have used as a domain are now seriously regretting their decision.

As per user’s reviews, Dot.TK domain removed the user’s site and loaded their own ads for money making.

How do I use Dot TK with 000webhost?

  • go to Services -> My domains.
  • in the list of your domains click on “Manage domain” in a row of the corresponding domain name.
  • go to Management Tools -> Namservers.
  • make sure the option “Use default nameservers” is set.
  • then go to “Manage Freenom DNS”.
  • Press on “Save changes” button.

How do I host a .tk domain?



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Free Hosting for .TK domain | Part-2 Create Stylish Website for


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How do I add a Dot TK domain to Blogger?

How To Setup Dot Tk Domain In Blogger

  1. Step 4 : Enter a valid email address and verify it.
  2. Step 5 : Fill up your account form and click on “Complete Order”.
  3. Step 6 : Now you’ll see your order no.
  4. Step 7 : Go to “My Domains” page.
  5. Step 8 : Click on “Manage Freenom DNS”.