Quick Answer: How Long Should You Register A Domain Name For?

How long can you register a domain for?

10 years

Can you buy a domain name forever?

As long as the company remains in business, you keep your domain name. However, if the company goes out of business, your domain name goes with it. There are two ways to buy a domain for life. Keep your domain name as long as your domain name registrar stays in business.

What happens when you register a domain name?

A domain name is your website’s location on the internet. It translates the digits that make up your IP address into something catchy that people can remember. Domain names are bought through Domain Name Registrars, companies that manage the reservation of domain names and point them to your website.

Is it worth buying a domain name?

Whether or not a premium domain name is worth the cost comes down to how much it will benefit your site. If you want to make money and attract as much traffic as possible, the right name can be worth the investment. However, for most sites, it’s easy to find a regular domain name that works just as well.

What happens if domain registrar goes out of business?

There are 2 ways, If registrar voluntary shutting down business, they generally hand over the domains to a new registrar. But in some cases, if registrar shut business, ICANN take control over the domain names and Invites other registrars to take over the domains.

Should selling domain names be illegal?

The answer is NO. Clarifying on misinformation from prior answers, while the ‘owner’ of a domain does not own the domain, they also do not rent the domain. A domain owner has ownership of the exclusive right to register the domain. It can’t be illegal because you do not own the domain.