Quick Answer: How Many Hits Is Good For A Website?

Our view of a ‘good’ number of website visitors varies by sector.

Based on the data we have, here are some typical numbers for a few types of businesses … Web/SEO/Online marketing service providers – in the main, low numbers of traffic per month – from 200 to under 1,000 visitors.

How many hits per month does a website get?

They say the rule of thumb for your average small firm in our industry is 1,000 visitors per month. If you are getting 1,000 visitors per month…that’s a good amount of traffic. Pat yourself on the back. If you are not seeing anything close to that, you may have some work to do.

How do I find out how many hits my website gets?

Go to Google Analytics and click “Sign in to Analytics” in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

  • After signing in, you’ll be sent to the Home tab.
  • Jackpot!
  • Along with your active user count, the Overview page also tells you which pages your users are viewing, as well as their geographic location.

What is considered a lot of website traffic?

Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website. If you are getting 1,000 visitors per month…that’s a good amount of traffic.

What is the average time people spend on a website?

The question isn’t much time SHOULD someone spend on your website, but how much time DO they spend? And the answer is, a lot less than you think. Research shows the average time spent on a website is about 45 seconds.

How can I check traffic for free?

  1. SEMrush (Free 7-Day Trial) SEMrush Traffic Analytics is the latest released tool within their SEO program section.
  2. Serpstat. Serpstat is a free to use all in one marketing platform that lets you get a detailed breakdown of both competitors and your own website.
  3. Similar Web.
  4. Quantcast.
  5. Alexa.
  6. Traffic Estimate.

How many pageviews a month is good?

gets 2500 views a month and has been at it for over 2 years. An informal study done by Blogelina in 2010 (so take it with a grain of salt I’ll explain why later) of 20 bloggers found the average number of monthly page views to be around 4000, which comes to around 130 per day.

How can I check traffic on Google?

Steps to check website traffic using Google Analytics.

  • Login to Google Analytics.
  • Select proper project from Admin panel.
  • Go to the Dashboard.
  • Select Acquisition tab.
  • Select Overview and check individual traffic source.

What is a website hit?

A Hit actually refers to the number of files downloaded on your site, this could include photos, graphics, etc. Picture the average web page, it has photos (each photo is a file and hence a hit) and lots of buttons (each button is a file and hence a hit). On average, each page will include 15 hits.