Question: How Many Primary Domain Controllers Are There?

There is no primary domain controller.

However, there are two caveats that may confuse you.

How many domain controllers should you have?

2 domain controllers

Which domain controller is primary?

On the RID Tag you can see the Domain Controler that holds the Openration Master role. Click on teh PDC tag and check the name of the Operation Master role, if that is the same as the RID then that’s your primary domain controller. Do the same on the other Domain to check its role.

Can you have multiple domain controllers?

2 Answers. The primary reason for having multiple domain controllers is for fault tolerance. They will replicate the Active Directory information between them and can provide services if the other is unavailable. Having multiple DC’s is a best practice standard.

How many users can be on a domain controller?

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Slowest link connecting a domain controller (Kbps)Maximum number of users if 1-percent bandwidth is availableMaximum number of users if 10-percent bandwidth is available

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Can I have 2 domain controllers on the same network?

Multiple domains can exist on the same network as long as the domain name and netbios names are different. Multiple domains can exist on the same network as long as the domain name and netbios names are different. Agree with this, only make sure one network is all static and outside of the DHCP and correct DNS Servers.

How much RAM do I need for domain controller?


How do I protect my domain controller?

Check out these five tips for hardening the entire environment around your domain controllers (DCs).

  • Limit physical access.
  • Design correctly from the start.
  • Virtualize your domain controllers.
  • Follow security trust best practices.
  • Secure the Directory Services Restore Mode password moreso than any other password.

Do I need a domain controller?

Do I Need a Domain Controller? In general, yes. Any business – no matter the size – that saves customer data on their network needs a domain controller to improve security of their network. There could be exceptions: some businesses, for instance, only use cloud based CRM and payment solutions.

What is primary domain controller?

Short for Primary Domain Controller, a server in a Windows NT network that maintains a read-write directory of user accounts and security information. The PDC authenticates usernames and passwords when members log into the network. Members only have to log into one domain to access all resources in the network.