Question: How Much Does It Cost To Sell A Domain On GoDaddy?

Via GoDaddy Domain Market Place

It currently costs $4.99 / year to join GoDaddy auctions, and they charge a small commission fee for each domain sold.

Though GoDaddy refers to their domain platform as GoDaddy Auctions, you have to option to set fixed “Buy Now” prices, much like eBay.

How much does Godaddy charge to sell a domain?

Sale Price of the DomainCommission FeesPayment Holding Period
$0 – $5,00020% ($15 minimum)5 days + Payment Timeframe
$5,001 – $25,000$1,000 + 15% of amount over $5k5 days + Payment Timeframe
$25,001+$4,000 + 10% of amount over $25k5 days + Payment Timeframe

How much does it cost to sell a domain on Flippa?

While on the site checking out the price for business listings, I noticed a couple days ago Flippa changed their pricing. It will now cost $25 to list a domain name for sale, plus a 10% success fee. For a business that has been around for more than 6 months it looks like the new price is $200 plus the success fee.

How do I sell my domain on Godaddy?

Steps of Selling your Domain on Godaddy

  • Log in Godaddy Account.
  • Click on Manage.
  • Click on Godaddy Auctions Listings option.
  • Choose the domain you want to sell.
  • Click on List for Sale option.
  • Fill all the required details such as:

How long does it take to sell a domain on Godaddy?

9-10 days

How much does it cost to sell a domain name?

You can list as many domain as you want for free. The minimum price you need to set to sell the domain name is $50 and the maximum is $99,999.

Should I sell my domain on GoDaddy?

Selling domains through godaddy is a good option if your domain is registered with Godaddy. go to godaddy auctions and become a auction member (link:Buy & Sell Distinctive Domains – GoDaddy) it is somewhere around $4.99/year). After that go to “list a domain” option and list your domain.