Question: How Much Does Mailgun Cost?

Mailgun Pricing Overview

Mailgun pricing starts at $0.01 per month, per user.

There is a free version.

Mailgun offers a free trial.

Is mailgun safe?

Likelihood to Recommend. When looking for a transactional email vendor, Mailgun does the job well. Overall, Mailgun has been very reliable, other than having a problem delivering to certain Hotmail users. However, after getting in contact with support, they resolved the issue within 24 hours.

What is mailgun used for?

Mailgun is an email automation service provided by Rackspace. It offers a complete cloud-based email service for sending, receiving and tracking email sent through your websites and applications. Mailgun features are available through an intuitive RESTful API or using traditional email protocols like SMTP.

How much does mandrill cost?

The standard plan with Mandrill used to be $9.95 / month, which allowed you to send up to 25,000 transactional emails. After the merge, Mandrill will only be available as a paid add-on for paid MailChimp accounts.

What is mailgun API?

The Mailgun API is built on HTTP. Our API is RESTful and it: Uses predictable, resource-oriented URLs. Uses built-in HTTP capabilities for passing parameters and authentication. Responds with standard HTTP response codes to indicate errors.