Question: How Much Is GoDaddy Commission?

If a Premium Listing is sold at GoDaddy’s Auctions the fees are 5% commission for sales under $1,000 (minimum of $5) and 7% if the sale is over $1,000.

Includes escrow fees.

If sold at GoDaddy auctions funds are held for 20 days and paid on the 2st day.

How much does it cost to sell a domain on GoDaddy?

Via GoDaddy Domain Market Place

It currently costs $4.99 / year to join GoDaddy auctions, and they charge a small commission fee for each domain sold. Though GoDaddy refers to their domain platform as GoDaddy Auctions, you have to option to set fixed “Buy Now” prices, much like eBay.

How much does GoDaddy Premium listing cost?

A Premium listing is setup in your domain manager under “monetize”, when selecting a price keep in mind that Godaddy will charge you 20% commission fee. These premium listings are then displayed to the millions of searches that are being preformed on Godaddy per month.

How much does GoDaddy charge for hosting?

How much does GoDaddy hosting cost per year? It depends! If you’re just after a simple shared hosting plan, you can pay as little as $2.99/month. If you’re after a dedicated hosting plan, you’re looking at between $89.99/month and $179.99/month.

How much does it cost to buy your domain?

The average cost for a brand new domain will typically be anywhere from $10-12, depending upon the registrar you choose and the length of your registration contract. Below you’ll learn why some domains are more valuable than others, the average costs for getting a domain name, and some tips to help you get started.