How Much Should I Pay For An SSL Certificate?

Do you have to pay for SSL certificates?

Paid SSL Certificates

To equip a website with these certificates, one must pay for it. A paid certificate is issued and signed by a trustworthy certificate authority (CA). As far as the level of encryption is concerned, a free SSL certificate provides the same level of encryption as a paid one.

How much does AWS SSL certificate cost?

You pay only for the AWS resources you create to run your application. ACM Private Certificate Authority (CA) is priced along two dimensions.

30-day trial.

Number of private certificates created in the month/per RegionPrice (per certificate)
1 – 1,000$0.75
1,001 – 10,000$0.35
10,001 and above$0.001

How much does an SSL certificate cost UK?

The starting price for an SSL Certificate is $218 (£172) per year, although you might be able to better that with a two-year deal. A wildcard option, covering unlimited servers and a complete multi-level domain, is $688 (£541) – an enticing prospect.

Why are SSL certificates so expensive?

Extended Validation certs are expensive for several related reasons: It’s difficult to get a new EV CA on a browser’s list of valid CAs. An issuer is required to validate that certificate buyers have legal and organizational authority to get the certificate they desire; and that they’re not sharing.