Quick Answer: Is Comodo SSL Good?

Comodo is a well-respected name in the internet security industry.

Comodo SSL offers a range of features, such as fast certificate issuance and validation, 256-bit encryption, trusted by 99.9% of browsers, 30-day money-back guarantee, free “Trust Logo” that helps boost conversions and trust.

What is Comodo Positive SSL?

A Positive SSL is the most popular and inexpensive SSL Certificate introduced by the most trusted CA Comodo. It’s a domain validated SSL that can be issued by just verifying domain ownership. It’s the ideal entry level solution. The certificate is designed to encrypt website for low volume online transactions.

What is the difference between positive SSL and Comodo SSL?

The main difference between these two SSL certificates is, Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard certificate is generally used by small/medium level organizations or individuals whereas Comodo Essential SSL Certificate is generally used by large-scale organizations or individuals.

Who owns Comodo SSL?


Which is the best SSL Certificate provider?

The Top SSL Certificate Providers

  • Comodo.
  • DigiCert.
  • Thawte.
  • GoDaddy.
  • Network Solutions.
  • RapidSSLonline.
  • SSL.com.
  • Entrust Datacard.

Do I need positive SSL?

Positive SSL is a basic domain validated SSL Certificate that encrypts your website by verifying your domain name only. An SSL Certificate is not necessary to install, but if you are really serious about your website as well as user’s security, I’ll recommend you to get it.

What is free upgrade to Positive SSL?

PositiveSSL Free certificates are fully trusted DV SSL certificates that are valid for 30 days. This free trial certificate allows you to try before you buy and uses the same exact encryption and technology as a standard PositiveSSL certificate.

Is Comodo SSL safe?

Safety and Security: Exceeding Industry Standards for SSL

When it comes to safety and security, Comodo’s SSL certificates do not disappoint. Comodo exceeds the minimum industry standard of 128-bit encryption since it issues 256-bit SSL certificates, which provide the highest encryption strength for your website.

Is Positive SSL good?

Positive SSL is an excellent entry-level certificate, perfect for basic websites, blogs, online portfolios, and small businesses. Issued by Sectigo (formerly Comodo), one of the most popular Certificate Authorities worldwide, Positive SSL is the most affordable SSL product on the market.

What is Comodo Positive SSL Certificate?

Positive SSL Certificates from Comodo are highly trusted SSL certificates providing the industry standard encryption at an entry-level cost. These certificates come with a padlock and 99.9% browser trust, and are ideal for non-ecommerce sites that require encryption.

Why is Comodo free?

Features of Comodo Antivirus Software

Provides strong protection for your online banking and shopping transactions. Features include protection from all kinds of malicious activities and threats. Our download provides you with free antivirus protection that is stronger than most expensive security solutions out there.

Why are SSL certificates so expensive?

Extended Validation certs are expensive for several related reasons: It’s difficult to get a new EV CA on a browser’s list of valid CAs. An issuer is required to validate that certificate buyers have legal and organizational authority to get the certificate they desire; and that they’re not sharing.

How much is a SSL certificate?

Compare SSL Certificate Pricing

SSL ProviderSingle Domain, DVLearn More & Order
Thawte$199.00/yearClick Here
GeoTrust$149.00/yearClick Here
Entrust$174.00/yearClick Here
Network Solutions$59.99/yearClick Here

6 more rows