Question: Is ICloud Good For Email?

Can you use iCloud as a regular email?

Go to Settings > iCloud. Tap Mail under Advanced. Under iCloud Account Information, tap your email address. Tap the email address that you want to use as the default for sending mail from iCloud Mail.

Is iCloud email the same as Gmail? and are not related to each other, being provided by different companies. You have evidently used your Gmail address when setting up your Apple ID, and then created an iCloud account with its own address.

Is iCloud email the same as Apple ID?

The Apple ID and the iCloud ID are two different accounts, but the confusion comes that they can be accesses with the same email ID. When you log into the iCloud, the email address and password are your Apple ID. The iCloud can be thought of as an extra service added on top of the Apple ID login.

Is iCloud safer than Gmail?

In this particular sense, iCloud is “safer” in that it is basically designed to keep most of your data on your Mac by replicating data rather than providing purely cloud-based access. google (gmail, gcal ) or Apple (iCloud)?

Why do I need an iCloud email?

If you have an Apple ID, then you have an iCloud email account. This free account gives you up to 5GB storage for your emails, minus what you use for documents and other data you store in the cloud. It’s easy to work with your iCloud email from Apple’s Mail, on the Mac, or on an iOS device.