Is Smart DNS Proxy Legal?

Does Smart DNS proxy work?

Smart DNS is just a fancy name for a DNS proxy. It does not change your IP. It only works as long as the website relies only on DNS to do location-based routing. Were the website to actually check for the user’s IP at every request, it would know the actual location of the user.

Is Smart DNS proxy free?

Smart DNS Proxy Features

Unblocks websites and Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Pandora, etc. 100% Free to Try, no credit card needed for 14-day trial.

How do I get rid of Smart DNS Proxy?

You can login to your Smart DNS Proxy > MyAccount > Profile > Subscription Information and simply click CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button.

What is a smart DNS proxy server?

Smart DNS Proxy is sophisticated technology which allows Internet users all over the world to unblock Geo-restricted (or Geo-Blocked) websites like Netflix, Hulu, WWE Newtork,, BBC and many more popular websites which contain regional-restricted content.

Yes, using a Smart DNS service is completely legal. If you’re not fully convinced about that, consider the following – even Google offers access to a free-to-use DNS address.

Do Netflix DNS codes still work?

April 2020 Free American Netflix DNS Codes:

Free DNS codes have become completely blocked in recent months and most sites are posting inactive or fake codes.

Is Smart DNS proxy safe?

While proper Smart DNS proxy services are completely safe, you can add an extra layer of online security and privacy by using VPN instead. Virtual private networks encrypt your Internet traffic and hide your IP address. Smart DNS proxy service provide neither feature unfortunately.

Does Smart DNS proxy work with Netflix?

Netflix has been cracking down on VPN’s, Proxy’s, and unblocking DNS. Well, the good news is, you can still unblock Netflix US using Smart DNS Proxy or Smart VPN. It may be a bit more arduous, but still, it’s possible.