Question: Is Wix Bad For SEO?

The issue is that for more advanced marketing and SEO, platforms like Wix are just not compatible.

Wix has a bad rap in the SEO community, and they have certainly stepped up their game in the past few years.

While they’re better than they once were, there are still quite a few reasons why Wix isn’t good for SEO.

Is Wix OK for SEO?

If your SEO requirements are quite basic and minimal, and you care about an easy-to-use CMS, then Wix is probably fine. After all, our data shows that Wix sites don’t have a hard time ranking on Google. Wix is great for launching and maintaining a basic website, even if you don’t have a technical bone in your body.

Is Wix or WordPress better for SEO?

Wix and WordPress both offer solid SEO; it’s a tie!

Both Wix and WordPress have basic, built-in SEO tools, and both offer apps or plugins that give you access to more advanced SEO features. We’d say Yoast is slightly better, although Site Booster is included in the cost of most Wix plans at no additional charge.

How do I use SEO on Wix?

To set up your page SEO:

  • Click the Pages menu on the top bar inside ADI.
  • Click the page that you want to set up.
  • Click the Settings icon .
  • Click Page SEO.
  • Enter the information: Title on Search Engine: Enter your site’s name, page name and location.
  • Click Let’s Go to view your personalized SEO plan on Wix Wiz.

Why you should not use Wix?

Why You Shouldn’t Use Wix

  1. Bad User Experience. The biggest reason you should not use Wix to create your website is that you are not a professional web designer.
  2. Speed & Security. One of the most important parts of your website is the speed and security.
  3. Lack of SEO.
  4. Limited Pages.
  5. Flash Based.
  6. Website Ads.
  7. Not Unique.
  8. Optimization-less.