Question: Should I Use A Domain Broker?

Do domain brokers work?

Domain broker commission

Most, if not all, domain brokers and domain brokerages work for a commission.

They will either be paid a percentage of the total sale or total purchase price.

Some brokers will put a cap on the total commission potential, but most offer a set commission percentage for facilitating the deal.

How much do domain brokers make?

Domain Broker Salaries

Job TitleSalary
[object Object] – [object Object]$47,341/yr
[object Object] – [object Object]$51,184/yr

How does domain broker service work?

The Domain Broker Service guarantees a personal domain broker that will dedicate a maximum of 30 days to mediate a sale with the domain name’s current owner. While we cannot guarantee the acquisition of a domain name, we will attempt to contact the current registrant and negotiate a deal for you.

What is a domain broker service?

What is Domain Broker Service? If the domain name you want is already registered by someone else, you can use our professional Domain Broker Service with your personal Domain Buy Agent to attempt to acquire it for you. The Domain Broker Service purchase gives our agents a maximum of 30 days to negotiate a deal for you.