Quick Answer: What Does DNS Stand For In Sports?

Did Not Start

What does DNS stand for in athletics?

Did not start

What does DNS mean in running?

Did Not Start

What is DNS in motocross?

A DNS results in moto points equal to the total number of riders in the class, plus 30 points. In all other instances, the rider will be considered a “DNF” (Did Not Finish). A DNF results in moto points equal to the total number of riders in the class, but never less than 20. 3.

What does DNS stand for in medical terms?

Deviated nasal septum

What does H mean in track?

Times and marks. Almost all races record a time. Frequently in those cases there is a mark to the 100th retained for that race. Over this period of evolution, some reports show hand times also followed with an “h” or “ht” to distinguish hand times.

What does DNS stand for in f1?

Did Not Start

How old is Masters running?

Masters athletics. Masters athletics is a class of the sport of athletics for older athletes in track and field, road running and cross country running. Competitors are bracketed into five-year age groups beginning at 35 for track and field and 40 for distance-running events.

What is PB in running?

PB (Personal Best) or PR (Personal Record)

When someone refers to their PB or PR, they’re talking about their best time at a specific race distance. For example, “My PB in the 5K is 19:26.”

What does DFL stand for in running?

Dead freaking last

What does DNS mean in Ironman?

Did Not Start

What does nt mean in track?

Report. So I know that DNF means did not finish, NT means no time, and DNS means did not show, but when would you use NT over DNF/DNS? One of the runners in the 5000 at a local track meet was listed as NT in the final results, which got me wondering.

What is DQ in track?

DNF = Did not finish. DNS = Did not start. DQ = Disqualified. h = hand timed. i = indoors.

What does P mean in pole vault?

Pass height Pass attempt Pass

What does WR and/or mean in the Olympics?

I casually watch some of the events at home when I have time and I’ve noticed that on some times or distances, there is an OB or WB (i assume Olympic/World Best), but for other events I see OR or WR (assuming for record). They are the best time/distance/whatever in that multi-disciplinary event.

What is AR in athletics?

OR = Olympic Record. CR = Championship Record. GR = Games Record. AR = Area (or continental) Record.

How much does an f1 car cost?

The average price pf an F1 car engine is $10.5 million which varies according to the feature demands of the racing team managers and owners. F1 teams like Mercedes, Ferrari, and McLaren will definitely get the best help to reduce the cost of the engine.

What does p0 mean in f1?

P0 is when the car is fully off, steering wheel, dash and radio all turned off, nothing. P1 is when car has electrics on, able to radio but no PU power. P2 is the mode whereby PU is switched/to-be switched on. Here’s an image of the actual P0 to P1 and P1 to P2 switches at the side of cockpit.

What does DNF mean in f1?

Did Not Finish