What Does Endex Mean?

End of Exercise

What is endex military?

A U.S. Army acronym. ENDEX – End Exercise. Used by the U.S. Army.

What is an endex?

ENDEX. End Date of an Exercise.

What does YODO mean military?

You Only Die Once

What does marine stand for?

MARINEMuscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Expected Miscellaneous » Funnies
MARINEMuscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Essential Governmental » Military
MARINEMy A** Rides In Navy Equipment Governmental » Military — and more
MARINEMath And Reading Is Not Easy Sir Miscellaneous » Funnies

13 more rows

What does whiskey mean in military?

Per GoArmy.com, “68 Whiskey” is used to describe the job of a certain combat medic specialist. Although the position is typically listed as “68W,” the Army will say “68 Whiskey” because it follows the NATO phonetic alphabet. The alphabet also includes “Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta,” which simply means “A,B,C,D.”

What does YODO mean to a Navy SEAL?

You only die once

What is a glossary of terms?

A glossary, also known as a vocabulary or clavis, is an alphabetical list of terms in a particular domain of knowledge with the definitions for those terms. Traditionally, a glossary appears at the end of a book and includes terms within that book that are either newly introduced, uncommon, or specialized.

What is Index example?

noun. The definition of an index is a guide, list or sign, or a number used to measure change. An example of an index is a list of employee names, addresses and phone numbers. An example of an index is a stock market index which is based on a standard set at a particular time.

What is meant by heading?

A heading is a word, phrase, or sentence at the beginning of a written passage that explains what it’s about. A heading is very similar to a title. A heading is similar to a caption, a line below a photograph that briefly explains it.

What are Army guys called?

Why are U.S. Army personnel called “soldiers,” Navy “sailors,” Air Force “airmen,” but Marines are called “Marines”? I kid) Actually, you join the Army and are called a soldier. You join the Navy and are called a sailor. You join the Air Force and are called an airman.

What is the opposite of Yolo?


What does 3 mikes out mean?

A “mike” in military language is a minute. “Wait one mike” is like saying “wait one minute” or “we’re 15 mikes out” means we are 15 minutes away. “Mike” is the military phonetic for the letter M in the alphabet – such as alpha bravo charlie (A B C)

How often do Marines come home?

Barring mission constraints, they earn 30 days leave every year, at the rate of 2.5 days per month. They can take that leave any time they request it, as long as they have days to their credit and not under restriction, and the unit can spare them.

What do Marines do in war?

As America’s expeditionary force in readiness since 1775, the U.S. Marines are forward deployed to win our Nation’s battles swiftly and aggressively in times of crisis. We fight on land, sea and air, as well as provide forces and detachments to naval ships and ground operations.

Should I join Army or Marines?

The Army is much easier and quicker to promote than the Marines, however the brotherhood in the Marines was much more rewarding to me. The Army has many more job opportunities and career paths, But the Marines training is much more intense. Bottom line, research them both, and make your own decision.

What does Bravo Zulu mean?

The combination of the Bravo and Zulu nautical signal flags, i.e., Bravo Zulu, also referred to as “BZ,” is a naval signal, typically conveyed by flaghoist or voice radio, meaning “Well Done” with regard to actions, operations or performance.

What does the term Whiskey Tango mean?

Based on letters of the military phonetic alphabet, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is a euphemistic substitution for what the fuck or WTF.

What does Roger tango mean?

Roger-Tango– Translates to roger that, or understood. Oscar-Mike– On the move, Convoy is now moving.

What is the acronym for Navy Seals?

Navy SEAL – a member of a Naval Special Warfare unit who is trained for unconventional warfare; “SEAL is an acronym for Sea Air and Land”

Is there an alpha SEAL team?

Alpha Team is a branch of the Navy SEAL.

What does 5 mikes mean?

In the phonetic alphabet “Mike” is a stand-in for “M.” “Mike-Bravo 564746” is a grid coordinate that gives you a rough area. “We’re five mikes out.” means they’re five minutes or miles.