What Happens If I Change Nameservers?

Changing nameservers is the situation where your website actually gets served by another(new) hosting provider instead of old one.

When you change nameservers, your website gets a new IP address.

In case you don’t know who your hosting provider is, try using who.is and intodns.com.

Will changing nameservers affect my website?

Although it will be invisible to visitors, a change in nameservers will result in a change in the hosting server for the website. The URL that visitors use to access the site may remain exactly the same; however, the website will be hosted on a different computer.

Does changing domain nameservers affect email?

Already answered and explained. Yes. Well you can still get to Gmail regardless but your email for your domain will stop going to Gmail if you don’t set it up at your host before changing nameservers. Changing name servers to another host absolutely will effect email.

How do I change my nameservers?

Updating the Name Servers

  • Login to your Just Host Control Panel.
  • Click the Domain link, at the top of the page.
  • Choose your domain name from the list of domains.
  • Then click the Name Servers tab.
  • Select Use Custom Nameservers.
  • Enter in the new name servers.
  • Click Save Nameserver Settings.

How long does it take to switch nameservers?

24 to 48 hours