What Is A Record In Networking?

A Records (IP Addresses)

All servers connected to the Internet are assigned a unique IP address.

An “A” record associates a name to the server IP address, allowing people to use easy-to-remember domain names (rather than hard-to-remember IP addresses) to connect to a website.

What does an A record do?

An A record is used to find the IP address of a computer connected to the internet from a name. A Records are the simplest type of DNS records, and one of the primary records used in DNS servers. You can do a lot with A records, including using multiple A records for the same domain in order to provide redundancy.

What is difference between Cname and a record?

There are important differences between these two records. The CNAME record points a name to another name instead of to an IP. An A record points a name to an IP . A CNAME record can point a name to another CNAME or to an A record.

What is a DNS A record example?

A Record. An A record (Address Record) points a domain or subdomain to an IP address. As an example, an A Record is used to point a logical domain name, such as “google.com”, to the IP address of Google’s hosting server, “74.125. 224.147”.

How do a records work?

A-record and MX-record: how does it work? Emails are routed through to the IP address which is set in the A-record of the host. The A-record (or address-record) determines which IP address belongs to a domain name. This record ‘translates’ the domain name to an IP address.