Quick Answer: What Is ADI On Wix?

Where is ADI on Wix?

To access the Site Settings:

Click Site on the top bar inside ADI. Click Settings.

What is the difference between Wix Adi and Wix editor?

In a nutshell, Wix Editor lets you edit everything and anything about your website. Wix ADI doesn’t offer templates, it generates a design for you based on what you tell it. You can make changes to the website it creates after, but you will be limited in the amount of apps and features you can embed.

How does Wix ADI work?

ADI: Let Wix ADI Create a Website for You

Answer a few questions to get started! Wix ADI uses this information to automatically create a unique website for you by combining the best content and design elements. Once your site is ready, you can add your own images, customize the text, and more.

How do I switch from Wix to Wix ADI?



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Is Wix Adi good?

Verdict. Both Wix Editor and Wix ADI are useful for SEO but the Editor just edges it based on its access to SEO apps from the market.

Does Wix Adi cost money?

Let’s be clear here about the fact that there is no difference in prices between Wix Editor and Wix ADI. However, Wix, as a company, offers no less than five different plans, with so many different features that we created a full guide for it here. Winner: once again, the prices are exactly the same.