Question: What Is CM In Military?


Classification Management.

security, army, armed forces.


What does CM mean in the military?

CM in Army

CMCountermeasures + 2 variants military, technology
CMConstruction Mechanic military, navy, construction
CMContract Management military, technology, manager
CMCost Management technology, projection, business
CMCounter-mobility military, war, warfare

15 more rows

What is Dor in the military?

Drop On Request, Military acronym for a cadet applying for “voluntary resignation”. ( United States Navy SEAL selection and training) Division of responsibility, in project management.

What does bt mean in the military?

BST – Basic skills trainer. BT – Boat tail. BT – Bullet trap.

What does endex mean?

Meaning. ENDEX. Exercise Termination (US DoD) ENDEX. End of Exercise.

What does IDF stand for?

intermediate distribution frame

What does YODO mean?

You Only Die Once