What Is Network Port Number?

What are ports on a network?

A network port is a process-specific or an application-specific software construct serving as a communication endpoint, which is used by the Transport Layer protocols of Internet Protocol suite, such as User Diagram Protocol (UDP) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).

How do I find my network port number?

All you have to do is type “netstat -a” on Command Prompt and hit the Enter button. This will populate a list of your active TCP connections. The port numbers will be shown after the IP address and the two are separated by a colon. For instance, if your IP address is something like 192.

What port is 23?

Well-known ports

22Yes, and SCTPSecure Shell (SSH), secure logins, file transfers (scp, sftp) and port forwarding
23YesTelnet protocol—unencrypted text communications
25YesSimple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), used for email routing between mail servers
37YesTime Protocol

81 more rows

How many ports does a network have?


What exactly is a port?

A port number is a way to identify a specific process to which an Internet or other network message is to be forwarded when it arrives at a server. For the Transmission Control Protocol and the User Datagram Protocol, a port number is a 16-bit integer that is put in the header appended to a message unit.

What is port 8080 typically used for?

Port 8080 is commonly used as proxy and caching port. It is also above the service port range. Port 8080 also can run a Web server as a nonroot user. Other assignments for port 8080 include Apache Tomcat, an M2MLogger and a Web GUI.

How do I open a port?

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How to Open or Close Ports on PC with Windows 10, 8 7 or Router


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How do I check if port 3389 is open?

To see what ports are in computer actually communicates with, use netstat -an |find /i “established” command. To find specified open port, use find switch. For example, to find if the port 3389 is open or not, do netstat -an |find /i “3389” command.

How do I test a port?

Using the telnet command you can quickly test if a specific port is open on a host in your network.


  • Go to the Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off.
  • Check Telnet Server and Telnet Client.
  • Click OK to have the features installed.