Question: What Is SOA DNS?

What is SOA DNS used for?

A Start of Authority record (abbreviated as SOA record) is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS) containing administrative information about the zone, especially regarding zone transfers.

What is SOA record with example?

DNS SOA records. A Start of Authority (SOA) resource record indicates which Domain Name Server (DNS) is the best source of information for the specified domain. Every domain must have an SOA record. When you add a domain to the DNS, the email address that you enter is added to the SOA record for the domain.

What is SOA and NS in DNS?

So, in short, NS records are used to redirect DNS resolver to the next DNS server that is hosting the next level zone. And, SOA record is used by cluster of DNS servers to sync latest changes from the master to secondary servers.

How do I make a SOA record?

Set Up SOA records in WHM

  • Click DNS Functions from your WHM Home page.
  • Select Edit DNS Zone. If you have multiple domain names in your server hosting, select the domain name you would like to modify.
  • Click Edit button. Look for SOA.
  • You may also add other DNS settings on this page if needed. Click Save button.

How does SOA record work?

A start of authority (SOA) record is information stored in a domain name system (DNS) zone about that zone and about other DNS records. A DNS zone is the part of a domain for which an individual DNS server is responsible. Each zone contains a single SOA record.

Is SOA record mandatory?

SOA records are mandatory. You have to stuff something in that AUTHORITY section where it is required by RFC if you expect the rest of the internet to play nicely with you.

What TTL means?


What is a AAAA record?

An AAAA record maps a domain name to the IP address (Version 6) of the computer hosting the domain. An AAAA record is used to find the IP address of a computer connected to the internet from a name. For example, all the DNSimple name servers are assigned to an IPv6 address and can be queried via either IPv4 or IPv6.

What is DNS server zone?

A DNS zone is any distinct, contiguous portion of the domain name space in the Domain Name System (DNS) for which administrative responsibility has been delegated to a single manager. A DNS zone is implemented in the configuration system of a domain name server.