What Is SSL Certificate Price?

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What is an SSL certificate and why is it important?

SSL certificates are used to secure data transfers, credit card transactions, logins and other personal information. They provide security to customers and make visitors more likely to stay on a website for longer periods of time.

Is SSL certificate free?

What are free SSL certificates? Free SSL certificates come free as they’re issued by non-profit certificate authorities. Let’s Encrypt, a leading non-profit CA provides SSL/TLS certificates for free.

Why do SSL certificates cost money?

They charge you the money for infrastructure and providing all types of support to their customers. If you find the prices too high then you can also visit the reseller websites like SSL2BUY and purchase an SSL certificate in a highly discounted price. An SSL certificate validates your website’s or company’s identity.

How much does it cost to buy a SSL certificate?

The cheapest SSL certificate starts at just $7.29 per year at SSL Dragon, while the most expensive one costs a staggering $3899,99 per year.

Is SSL certificate necessary?

Your website needs any SSL certificate If you’re asking for any personal information. It’s common among sites that require users to hand over sensitive information such as credit card information, home addresses, and financial data. Even if you haven’t noticed it before, it’s likely your website visitors have.

What is the benefit of SSL certificate?

Benefits of Securing Website With SSL Certificate. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layers and is a public key infrastructure that uses the RSA method of encryption and authentication via security certificates. It helps to establish a secure connection between the client and the server through the secure protocol HTTPS.