Quick Answer: What Is The Best Free Website?

How do I make my website completely free?

How to Create a Free Website

  • Sign up for a free website builder. Choose what kind of website you want to create.
  • Customize a template or get a website made for you. Choose your starting point.
  • Drag and drop 100s of design features.
  • Get ready for business.
  • Publish your website and go live.
  • Drive traffic to your site.

What are the best sites to create a website?

That being said, let’s take a look at the top website builder platforms to make your website without hiring a developer.

  1. WordPress.
  2. Constant Contact Website Builder.
  3. Gator by HostGator.
  4. Domain.com Website Builder.
  5. BigCommerce.
  6. Shopify.
  7. WordPress.com.
  8. Weebly.

Is there such a thing as a free website?

So you typically Google the term free website and find many companies offering free website hosting services for free. The thought of having free web hosting and building your site without paying anything is tempting.

Are free website builders free?

Google Sites is the only website builder that is completely free— they don’t even offer paid plans. Google Sites doesn’t offer a selection of templates. Instead there is only one single template with 6 styles. It’s very, very minimal— but remember, Google Sites isn’t meant for building small business websites.