Question: What Is The Difference Between Public And Private Domain Registration?

What is the difference between domain name and private registration?

If a domain is registered as public, then the information you used to register the domain -your name, address, e-mail address, and phone number – can be accessed by anyonethrough WHOIS (a protocol that determines a registrar).

If you decide to register it as private, your information will be protected.

Should I use private domain registration?

Consider private domain registration your protection from the potential dangers of the WHOIS database. In the same way that you might protect your privacy by keeping your number out of telephone listings, you can choose private domain registration to keep your contact information out of the hands of strangers.

What does private domain registration mean?

What is private registration? Private registration keeps your personal information (like your email address and phone number) secure by publishing a proxy’s information instead of yours in the Whois database; which is a database of all domain contact information.

What is private registration on Wix?

Private registration allows you to keep your personal information in WHOIS private. By choosing this option, all of your personal details are replaced with Wix’s details and are not disclosed in public WHOIS databases.