What Is The Difference Between Wix Adi And Wix Editor?


What is Wix Adi vs Wix editor?

Wix ADI (read review) uses artificial intelligence to create websites automatically. Enter basic information about your business and online presence, and it presents a website design. The Wix Editor lets you build the website manually and place all your site elements where you want.

How do I convert Wix ADI to Wix editor?



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How to Switch Wix ADI to Wix Editor – YouTube


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What does ADI stand for in Wix?

Artificial Design Intelligence

How does Wix ADI work?

ADI: Let Wix ADI Create a Website for You

Answer a few questions to get started! Wix ADI uses this information to automatically create a unique website for you by combining the best content and design elements. Once your site is ready, you can add your own images, customize the text, and more.

Should I use WIX ADI?

If you want to use more than the recommended apps you are provided, you’ll have to enter Wix Editor. It’s important to note, however, that although you can switch to Wix Editor at any point while using Wix ADI, any changes you make will not be saved should you return to the ADI version.

Why is Wix bad?

Wix websites load slower than those built on HTML (like WordPress) and this will lose people who do want to read about you. AND with a slow loading website, you will be further penalized by search engines because they know that your site provides poor user experience and they won’t want to vouch for it.