Quick Answer: Where Can I Get Free Domains?

Free Domain Name Providers

Free Domain Name ProviderBest for
SquarespaceCompanies the need a free domain for an easy-to-design professional website
DreamhostBusinesses that need a free domain with a simple drag-and-drop website builder
WeeblyCompanies that need a completely free subdomain and low-tech website builder

3 more rows

How can I get a free .tk domain?

Go to the URL www.dot.tk.

To date, the only completely free domain type you can acquire are “. tk” domains. dot-TK domains are sponsored by Tokelau, a small country in the South Pacific, largely as an investment to spread awareness about the country and attract tech ventures.

What are the best free domains?

And thus we list the reviews of the top 5 free domain name providers according to the features and quality of the offered services and free domains:

  • FreeDomain.co.nr (free . co.nr domain)
  • Biz.nf (free . co.nf domain)
  • Co.cc (free . co.cc domain)
  • Dot.tk (free . tk domain)
  • Biz.ly (free . biz.ly domain)

How can I get a free lifetime domain?

To get a domain free for lifetime, start by selecting the respective hosting package that offers the free domain and simply enter the domain you desire. If the domain is available, you can register it for lifetime free. If you want to transfer the existing domain, you can transfer it for lifetime free.

Why do Domains cost money?

“Domain names cost money because people are willing to pay for them. They’re scarce. In making a scarcity available to the public — you and me — generally the simplest democratized way of doing it is through a market. The entire infrastructure of DNS and ICANN (services, arbitration) is expensive.

Is Dot TK safe?

TK domains are safe. You can build a business on . TK domain and you can trust businesses/sites built on . TK domains as you will not be the owner of the domain and the registrar/registry can take it back from you without giving any reasons.