Question: Where Can I Park A Domain?

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Where can I park my domain for free?

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  • Sedo. Website. Sedo is the elephant in the room.
  • Bodis. Website.
  • Dopa. Website.
  • DomainSponsor. Website.
  • 1&1 Domain Parking. Website.
  • NameSilo. Website.
  • ParkingCrew. Website.
  • DomainApps. Website.

How do you park a domain name?



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It is legal. Your question begins from the assumption that it is illegal. Portfolio domain name owners often use parking pages to provide some income on the traffic that hits the domain. Many owners register domains with the intention of building a company or brand or buying for strategic reasons.

How do I know if a domain is parked?

How To Detect Parked Sites

  1. Check for subdomain wildcarding and ubiquitous redirects. A lot of parked domains will gladly accept any HTTP request you throw at them, even if you try to access a non-existent subdomain or page.
  2. Examine the WHOIS information.
  3. Use an existing blacklist.
  4. Analyse the content.

Can you make money parking domains?

You can earn money with your unused domains and sell them even quicker. Domain Parking is completely free of charge! The idea is simple: Advertisements which thematically correspond to the domain name will be displayed on your domain. You will earn money whenever a visitor clicks on the advertising links.

How does a parked domain work?

Put very simply, a parked domain (or parking a domain) is when you purchase a domain name such as but you don’t associate it with any web services like email or web hosting. Then, you’d point the domain to a website so that the website appears when visitors go to the domain name.