Question: Which Is Better Wix Or Google Sites?

Is Wix better than Google sites?

Wix – is the world-popular all-in-one website builder that covers a broad spectrum of users’ web building needs.

Google Sites – is a websites builder, which is quite simple to master for all users categories.

The system also provides a reliable hosting platform and creates intuitive web building environment.

Is Google sites any good?

Google Sites is Google’s website builder product that is integrated with their productivity suite. Very limited – but good for what it is. If you could add a custom domain, it would be much more useful.

Is Wix good for websites?

Wix is one of the best known all inclusive website builders. It has drag and drop design, and straightforward user experience. Wix lacks some features favored by design and marketing professionals, but, for DIY website builders, they have solid pricing and functionality.

Which Wix plan is best?

The Wix eCommerce plan (Basic Store) is the best option to start your online store with, but whereas the bandwidth is unlimited, the storage is limited to 20GB. Higher plans offer more storage: Unlimited Store comes with 35GB, VIP Store with 50GB and Super Store has 75GB of storage.