Quick Answer: Who Hires Bloggers?

Career Sites and Networks

  • Simply Hired. Simply Hired is a popular job search site that is affordable for small and large companies.
  • Indeed. Indeed is one of the most popular online job sites, and you can publish a blogger job posting on the site in just 5 minutes.
  • Monster.
  • CareerBuilder.
  • Craigslist.
  • LinkedIn.

How do bloggers find jobs?

From lists of websites that want your work to job boards, there are so many places online to find freelance blogging jobs.

Writing job boards

  1. BloggingPro’s Job Board.
  2. MediaBistro’s Job Board.
  3. FlexJobs.
  4. Freelance Writing Job Board.
  5. Writers Work.
  6. Freelance Writers Den Junk-Free Job Board.

How do bloggers get paid?

One of the most common ways bloggers make money is through placing ads on their site. There are two popular types of ads: CPC/PPC Ads: Cost per click (also called pay per click) ads are usually banners that you place in your content or sidebar. Each time a reader clicks on the ad, you are paid for that click.

Where can I find blog writers?

In this post, I’ll walk you through seven highly-effective ways to find high-quality writers or guest posters for your blog.

  • Hire My Mom.
  • Find subject-matter experts within your own community.
  • The ProBlogger Job Board.
  • Ask your community for blog writer recommendations.
  • The BloggingPro Job Board.
  • Craigslist.

How much do bloggers charge?

As a minimum I would say you should charge at least $50 per hour for post creation, $100 per hour for photography, and $150+ per hour if you are a real expert in your field.

How do I start blogging?

How to Start a Blog in 6 Steps

  1. Pick a blog name. Choose something descriptive.
  2. Get your blog online. Register your blog and get hosting.
  3. Customize your blog. Choose a free template and tweak it.
  4. Write & publish your first post. The fun part!
  5. Promote your blog. Get more people to read your blog.
  6. Make money blogging.

How do beginner blogs make money?

These are the 7 steps to follow to make money blogging.

  • Setup your own self-hosted blog.
  • Start publishing great content.
  • Build organic traffic to your website.
  • Build a community around your brand.
  • Start making money by selling ads.
  • Make money by selling your own products or services.
  • Makey money through affiliate marketing.